Online meetings & virtual events

Virtual events

Of any size

Efficient communication is crucial to the economic success of a business. This also applies, and particularly so, in especially challenging times. In principle, nothing beats personal exchanges. Video conferences and Skype calls are obvious and useful additions. However, as soon as the number of participants increases and the exchanges become more interactive and media-intensive, these solutions quickly reach their limits.

This is exactly where HÖFLINGER comes in: with online meetings, webcasts and virtual events we replicate all the complexity levels of real-life events in the digital space. Starting from the technical requirements and their communication task, we can direct you to suitable tools and look after every online event just as we do for live events: reliably, securely and economically. You define the parameters – we provide the solution.

Four service packages form the basis for different requirement profiles:

  • Online Meetings
  • Webcasts
  • Virtual events
  • Digital workshops

Determine the parameters and send us your request!

Number of participants



Online meetings

For up to 100 participants

First impressions do not get a second chance. This applies in real life as well as in virtual meetings. If the connection fails, the image of the person you are talking to is bent at an angle and the sound is barely understandable, it is not only the communication that suffers, but the entire corporate image. To prevent this from happening, we provide you with a reliable platform, which we support technically during the online meeting. This lets you concentrate fully on your presentation and the content. With high-quality cameras and microphones from our technology pool, image and sound achieve broadcasting quality.

Your presentation is shared in real time. Whiteboard notes and other screen contents are also immediately visible to all participants. And to ensure that moderation runs as smoothly as in live meetings, we will train you in the use of the interface and the ins and outs of virtual real-time communication. This way, you will achieve the desired goal confidently and reliably.

HÖFLINGER online meetings cover the following services:

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Rights management for several moderators
  • Chat function
  • Integration of slides, presentations and other contents
  • Optional: professional camera and audio technology as well as on-site technical support
  • Optional: support / training of moderators
  • Optional: design and integration of individual backdrops
  • Optional: plug-ins for online collaboration such as voting or surveys
  • Short lead time of three working days


For up to 500 participants

As the group of participants expands, the reliability and preparation requirements also increase. Be it for one-to-many or many-to-many moderators at the same time or alternating – with the appropriate technology almost everything is possible. However, increasing complexity also means decreasing fault tolerance. With webcasts from HÖFLINGER there is no need for you to worry about this, as we take care of the preparation and all the technology. A registration page matching your corporate design opens the session. All you need to do is send out the invitations. Interactive plug-ins such as live voting or surveys are already standard these days. By integrating additional interaction formats, you can expand the webcast to a fully fledged workshop.

HÖFLINGER webcasts cover:

  • Registration page in your corporate design
  • E-mail invitations, reports, reminders etc.
  • Online support before and during the webcast
  • Chat function
  • Integration of slides, presentations and other contents
  • Optional: professional camera and audio technology incl. on-site support
  • Optional: support / training of moderators
  • Optional: design and integration of individual backdrops
  • Optional: plug-ins for online collaboration such as voting or surveys
  • Lead time: from 10 working days

Virtual events

Communication without borders

With a large audience and a high degree of interactivity, classic webcasts quickly reach their limits, as the ideas and structures of a live event need to be transferred into the virtual space – for 100, 500 or more than 2,000 participants. Here, too, HÖFLINGER provides individual solutions. We can offer you advice in the concept phase and create an individual design. Together with the moderators we plan the agenda. Interactive tools actively involve the participants to let you achieve exactly the same results as you would expect from a live event – or even better. The seamless interface to the technology ensures that everything runs smoothly, even over long distances.

HÖFLINGER virtual events offer:

  • The enhancement of a live event by virtual elements (hybrid event)
  • The replacement of an entire event by a virtual event
  • The design of virtual rooms with interaction areas
  • The implementation of plenary and breakout lectures
  • The integration of avatars with real-time control for text or video chats
  • Extensive tools for online collaboration
  • Lead time: by individual agreement

Digital workshops

Tools for online collaboration

Targeted communication thrives on active participation. This is only generated through appropriate incentives, motivation and interest. What is needed are on the one hand intuitive apps for agile working and on the other hand well thought-out concepts to encourage participants to take action at the right moment. User experience and event dramaturgy go hand in hand. For events, workshops and hybrid formats of any size, HÖFLINGER offers consultancy, design and technical implementation of all modules for interaction, organisation and evaluation of digital workshops – from registration to information management through to moderation and reporting.

The tools include programmes for

  • Registration and participant management
  • Digital agenda, dynamic information systems
  • Digital brainstorming and live interaction
  • BYOD data transfer
  • Learning management
  • Digital and hybrid moderation
  • Virtual World Café
  • Virtual Fishbowl
  • Data aggregation and visualisation of results


The innovative family-run company

HÖFLINGER devises and implements audiovisual solutions and events for medium-sized and large companies worldwide. With a core team of 35 media professionals and an extensive creative network, the owner-managed company is synonymous with the professional and effective staging of sophisticated corporate communications. With our own high-quality technology and 30 years of experience, we are always searching for new ways to stage your communication objectives, ideas and messages evocatively – be it in the media, live or virtually.