Event technology:
Giving your event a platform.

Our specialty lies in creating the right environment in diverse spaces. We achieve this through accentuating sound technology, video technology, lighting technology and IT. HÖFLINGER employees are masters or experts in event technology. We strive for perfection in your production, ensuring your content makes an impact on stage. We implement:  

Stage and Set Constructions

  • Innovative stage and set designs including production according to client needs
  • Redesign of complete rooms and halls

Lighting Technology

  • Creation of sophisticated and innovative lighting concepts
  • Discreet yet effective lighting of stages and spaces

Sound Technology

  • Solve complex sound and transmission tasks 
  • High-quality wireless microphone technology
  • Acoustic calculation and planning

Video Technology

  • Video technical support during events
  • Projection technology
  • Displays
  • Complex media server systems
  • Use of live cameras (camera production units) in the event environment
  • Integration of complex media servers and interactive controls in the event environment

IT and web

  • Web-Streaming
  • Webex/Webcast
  • Virtual  meetings
  • Voting systems
  • Video conference systems

Special services

  • Printer and copier for event needs (production office)
  • Production office equipment
  • Presentation case and accessories
rigging & modern spotlights and lightsystems
stage direction
light and stagedesign
event video direction